We’re a boutique Premium seed shop for those who are tired of the run around, and are PROUD2PAY for World Class Genetics 🧬

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If you’re looking for unique/rare quality cannabis seeds for sale online, then you’ve come to the right place! We offer only premium / top tier cannabis strains and specialize in cultivating the highest quality cannabis plants. I personally only grow from seed, I don't take shortcuts AT ALL. I don't take others work and call it my own. I push my own limits and the limits of all my plants to make sure they can handle what anyone throws at them or they simply won't make the cut. Everything that you get from KINGS GOLD GENETICS has been hunted for multiple generations, tried and tested. Or I'd just rather not put it out, because my name is hanging in the balance. Purchase gear from us confidently knowing that we put our all into this, I share everything for my clients to see on my socials because I have nothing to hide. Any questions feel free to message or email me. I will always get back to you and make myself available. KINGS GOLD GENETICS is here to stay & I appreciate you spreading the message and stopping by to check us out. Much Love!

About Us


I am a cannabis grower and connoisseur with over 7 years experience growing cannabis. I am in support of legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use. I originally started growing and then breeding because I didn't like the product (bud) / seeds that I was receiving and felt I could do a better job in both areas. Im still in the beginning of my cannabis breeding journey, but Ive been working the last 3 years to get to a point that I could begin to make an offering with work I've hunted over years to give me a jumping off point for my own brand/genetics. I have something unique to offer the cannabis space, I have a keen eye for genetics, Ive studied the market place to the letter and want to bring back ethics / great customer service to the community. I love people and hearing everyone's stories and create lasting relationships that go beyond breeding. I have been mentored by some of the best cannabis cultivators from around the world and I care so much about making my strains available and affordable so that everyone can grow some of the best in-class genetics. My GOAL is to create a LEGACY in the cannabis space through my genetics, and I will leave behind some of the most sought after genetics in the world. Leaving the industry better than I found it. Im driven, passionate and I have a stable of unique/exclusive genetics. Im surrounded by a great community of supportive growers who have watched my brand grow and are constantly giving me feedback and uplifting me - I create content daily/weekly, If you haven't checked out my socials click below! TAP IN & join the movement! Let me know, that you've found me!

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